111732 Ex9TR 10M 1CO

EAN: 8592765117328

Ex9TR time relays are used in automation, control and regulation (ventilation, lighting, heating, etc.). All our time relays can be powered by universal voltage 12 - 240 V AC/DC. The devices have manual control switches on the front for setting the time.


Paremeter Value
Type of control voltage 1 AC/DC
Nominal switching current at 250 V AC 16
1st interval unit Seconds/hours
Frequency control voltage 1
Voltage type of supply voltage AC/DC
2nd interval
Number of contacts as normally open contact
Switch capacity incandescent lamps 300
2nd interval unit
Number of changeover switches 1
Switch capacity fluorescent lamp inductive 345
Type of excitation Analogue with multi function
1st interval Seconds/hours
Built-in height 64
Mounting method
Width in number of modular spacings 1
Function Multi function
Control voltage 1
Supply voltage


Document Type Document Name Size Format
Manual Mounting instruction Ex9TR S-D 0.8mb PDF
Manual Mounting instruction Ex9TR C 5.3mb PDF
Manual Mounting instruction Ex9TR 10M 2.0mb PDF
Manual Mounting instruction Ex9TR 1.2mb PDF
Datasheet Datasheet Ex9TR 4.5mb PDF
Catalogue Catalogue Installation Devices 0.0gb PDF