111513 Ex9NL-N 3P+N C13 30mA

EAN: 8592765115133

Ex9NL-N residual circuit breaker with overcurrent protection are suitable for domestic as well as industrial applications. They are based on combination of residual current device with permanent magnet principle and circuit breaker with thermal overload release and magnetic short circuit current release. It brings the advantage of voltage independent function of the residual current device. Adequate voltage is only necessary when testing the RCBO with the T test button.


Paremeter Value
Over voltage category 3
Built-in depth 77
Nominal rated current 13
Width in number of modular spacings 4
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Voltage type AC
Number of protected poles 3
Current limiting class 3
Number of poles (total) 4
Leakage current type AC
Suitable for flush-mounted installation YES
Surge current capacity 3
Release characteristic C
Antinuisance tripping version NO
Rated fault current 0.03
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity EN 60898 6
Nominal rated voltage 400
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Concurrently switching N-neutral YES
Pollution degree 2


Document Type Document Name Size Format
Manual Mounting instruction Ex9NL-N 2.2mb PDF
Datasheet Datasheet Ex9NL-N 2.4mb PDF
Catalogue Catalogue Installation Devices 0.0gb PDF