Overload Relays Ex9R up to 500 A

Ex9R overload thermal relays contactors are designed for protection of motors mainly. These relays can be either combined directly with contactors of Ex9C115-500 series or used as a stand-alone device with AD5 adaptor. Relays are available in two frame sizes for rated non-reduced currents from 80 — 500 A.

Size Ex9R185 is designed to match contactors of frame size 185. Version Ex9R500 can be mounted onto contactors of 300 frame size and also with size 500.

Ex9R relays are equipped with 1NO and 1NC auxiliary contacts as the standard.

  • Two frame sizes 
  • Rated current up to 500 A at 690 V AC-3
  • 3-pole versions
  • Tripping class 10A
  • For direct mounting onto Ex9C contactors or as a stand-alone device with AD adaptor
  • Suitable mainly for motor protection against overload or phase lost