Insulated terminals IT

The terminals IT are intended as feeder terminals for example in connection with busbars. Can be used also for connection of wire of type which is not suitable for device terminal. Different lenght and shape variants allow installation in boards with low space for wire bending. 

  • Tested according to EN 60439-1
  • Rated current up to 125 A
  • Connection lengthwise or across
  • Fork or pin connection point type
  • Gray or blue terminal colour versions 


Documents Technical parameters
Tested according to EN 60439-1
Nominal rated current Ie It.. f 63a . : 63 A It.. P 63a . : 63 A It. P 100a . : 125 A
Maximum current Imax It.. f 63a . : 80 It.. P 63a . : 80 A It. P 100a . : 125 A
Max. rated operational voltage Ue 690 V AC
Rated frequency f 50 Hz