Combo Consumer Units PMF-C (New)

Consumer units PMF-C are intended mainly for domestic applications. Combine energetics and IT equipment, with a possibility to be placed all in one enclosure. This solution saves space and contributes to a greater comfort of housing. Theirs design is suitable for flush mounting. Dual fixing system allows usage also for hollow walls. Tested with glow wire test at 850°C. The height-adjustable front metal frame allows to
compensate wall surface imperfections.

The units are available in versions from 1 up to 4 mounting plates and up to 3 DIN-rails. Degree of protection is IP30, degree of protection against mechanical impact IK06.

Scope of delivery consists of enclosure, metal frame with perforated door, mounting plates, DIN-rails, partition without socket, mounting material and instructions.

Possibility of installation accessories.

  • Combine energetics and IT equipment
  • Tested according to EN 62208
  • Rated current up to 63 A
  • Degree of protection IP30
  • 3 up to 5 rows
  • 1 up to 3 DIN-rails
  • 1 up to 4 mounting plates
  • Heat dissipation metal door with perforation
  • Mounting depth 87 mm only
  • Suitable for routers and modems